Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make reservations in Real Time?
Yes. Internet reservations are made in real time. In seconds you will receive a e-mail notification of your reservation. You also can view your reservations in a browser based application along with payment information, unit information, dates, and additional information.

2. Do you need to purchase additional equipment?
No. EntechPlus does not require you to buy any additional equipment.

3. Can you have unlimited properties?
Yes. EntechPlus allows you to have unlimited properties.

4. Do you have full time Support? Weekends & Nights?
Yes we have 24 hour 7 days a week support. During normal office hours you can receive support by telephone, help desk, or your browser based EntechPlus software. Nights and weekend support request or made via cell phone or your EntechPlus browser. We encourage all request to made during normal business hours however we do understand that there are those times that you will need help at night or weekends. We are here for you.

5. Is it secure?
Yes. We use the latest in technology to ensure your information is encrypted and safe.

6. How long does it take to install?
Normal installation will take 2-3 hours.

7. Does it calculate Trip Insurance?
Yes. EntechPlus does calculate trip insurance.

8. Do you have training?
Yes. Once your software is installed and you are trained via the internet. However, we are available by telephone for support as often as you need help.